Consider a Donation

Practice Makes Perfect

While we’ve all probably heard this idiom before, active members of the CERT community certainly know this to be true. At the heart of all CERT programs is the understanding that, one day, a disaster might strike that overwhelms the local emergency service personnel’s ability to respond to all areas impacted.

That’s where CERT organizations can help fill the gap. CERT IS NOT A TEAM OF FIRST RESPONDERS. Instead, CERT members are trained to assist in minor disaster areas or helping with less dangerous tasks that can free up first responders.

In a densely populated area like the national capital region there can be and usually are multiple CERT organizations. While all CERTs train to the same FEMA CERT standards, small differences can slow operational functions.

That is one reason the National Capital Region CERT Consortium was formed. 

You can help maintain the member and partner CERT’s cohesion by donating to the NCRCC. Your donations help by allowing the different CERTs to have combined trainings, share logistical resources, provide communications tools across the region, and maintain the overall cohesion of the member organizations.

Being a 501(c)3 means your donations could be tax deductible. Please see a tax professional for more details.

If an online donation is not something you feel comfortable with and would like to send a check or money order, please mail it to >>>>>>>>>>